Europe’s last tin mine big step closer to restart

By analyst By Frik Els Canadian junior Strongbow Exploration Inc (CVE:SBW) announced Friday it has successfully completed water treatment trials at the South Crofty tin mine in Cornwall and is now working on an application to the UK Environment Agency for a mine waste permit. Strongbow says the application was expected to be filed within one month and permits could be issued before the end of the summer. The Vancouver-based company in a statement said once it receives a mine waste permit with water discharge consent, South Crofty will be fully permitted. South Crofty, approximately 390km drive west of London on the Celtic Sea Coast, was the last tin mine in Europe when it closed in 1998. Several companies attempted to revive the flooded mines between 2001 and 2013 but due to poor market conditions the assets were put into administration in 2013. Strongbow paid in the order of US$2m … Continue reading

Does Danaher Stock Pass Lab Tests?

By Investment U Research Team Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision industrial, scientific, and consumer instruments. The company was founded almost 50 years ago as a toolmaker. But in a series of acquisitions since then, it’s expanded into making microscopes, dental equipment and much more. That’s been great news for holders of Danaher stock. The company’s fundamental strength has continued to the present. It’s met or beaten its last four quarterly earnings expectations. And as you can see, Danaher stock has had a great year. But now that interest rates are finally on the rise, we should scrutinize even the strongest stocks. Investment U readers want to put Danaher stock under the microscope and look at it in fundamental detail. In the process, we’ll learn whether the stock still has room to gro… or whether its best days are behind it. To find … Continue reading

Daily Market Wrap – Fri 31 Mar, 2017

By Cory Recapping this week and month in the metals, markets and VIX March is behind us and there was not much change from the open to the close. I recap gold, silver, the USD and the markets. Still not showing much direction I think the VIX is ready to spike and that could cause some short term moves in the markets. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay tuned to this weekend’s show. Download audio file (2017-03-31-Market-Wrap.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Daily Market Wrap – Fri 31 Mar, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Markets Are Set up for a Fall

By James Rickards This post Markets Are Set up for a Fall appeared first on Daily Reckoning. I guess we can all use a break now and then, and this seems like one of those weeks when not much is happening. We had a tumultuous 10-day period from March 14–24, which included a Fed rate hike, Dutch elections, a weaker dollar, a stronger euro, a rally in gold and a nervous stock market in an orderly retreat. The news cycle was spun up with endless stories about Trump and the Russians, the failed Obamacare repeal vote and a Supreme Court nominee. Now, suddenly, markets have gone quiet. Stocks, bonds, gold and the dollar are all sliding sideways, while the news cycle is repetitious at best and boring at worst. On the financial front, this quiet phase may be due to the fact that there is no Fed policy meeting in … Continue reading

Investors Notch an Ominous Record

By Brian Maher This post Investors Notch an Ominous Record appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The market stumbles these days and a rainbow forms in the skies over Wall Street. Just another chance to buy the dips. The Dow’s up about 200 this week after last Friday’s health care adventure. And why not? For eight years dip buyers have been rewarded royally for their efforts. Will this time be different? It was John Templeton — Sir John Templeton — who said bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism… and die on euphoria. Eight years in… has this bull market finally passed the optimism phase… and entered euphoria? We consider one possible sign today… Think of the crash of 1929 and what springs to mind? Shoeblacks… paper slingers… taxi hacks, all giving the hottest stock tips? Yes, maybe that. But also something else… Margin buying. Investors … Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln and Mexico – A History of Courage, Intrigue and Unlikely Friendships

March 31, 2017 by Dudley Pierce Baker This article has absolutely nothing to do with my usual writings on gold, silver, resource shares and stock warrants. I have been friends for years here in Mexico with Mikel Miller who is managing editor of Mikel and Michael Hogan may just have a big hit on their hands with the publication of Abraham Lincoln and Mexico: A History of Courage, Intrigue and Unlikely Friendships This book by a noted Ph.D. historian is one of the best books available about historical relations between the United States and Mexico. It shines new light on reasons for the US invasion of Mexico in 1846, opposition by Abraham Lincoln and other politicians to the unjustified and unconstitutional decision by President Polk to go to war, the importance of the ensuing war against Mexico, the resulting territorial seizures by the United States, the impact … Continue reading

When to Ignore the Insiders… and When to Listen Up

By Alexander Green Bearish market timers have just about run out of excuses lately. They said the bull market was old. Yet it refused to retire. They said the bull market was weak. But every consolidation phase has been followed by another rally. They say valuations are rich. But perhaps they deserve to be in an era of low inflation, rock-bottom interest rates, cheap energy and growing corporate profits. (See: “Is This the End of the Eight-Year Bull Market?“) Now they have a new excuse: Insider buying just hit the lowest level in 29 years. This sounds kind of scary at first blush. After all, who knows better than top executives and directors what lies ahead for their firms? And if they aren’t buying, why should you? There’s a flaw in this argument. And it’s a big one. It’s true that corporate insiders know more than anyone else about their … Continue reading

Global Inflation May Drive Gold to ‘$1400-$1500 This Year’

by Soren K. 29/03/2017 10:48 AM Global Inflation May Drive Gold to ‘$1400-$1500 This Year’ It is refreshing when a fund manager discusses their opinion before completely loading up. This speaks of confidence in their view, integrity in theri words, and a long view that is not worried about siggles i nthe day to day events. Incrementum AG’s MP Ron Stoeferle is such a person. We’re now seeing a pick-up in inflation all across the globe. Incrementum AG says that Gold ‘may be in the early stages of a [bigger] bull market’. The drivers behind this are negative real interest rates as a byproduct of inflation. Prices may climb to $1,400 to $1,500 an ounce this year, said Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, managing partner at the Liechtenstein-based company, which oversees 100 million Swiss francs ($101.5 million). Incrementum on What they Will Buy “For the short term, it’s in a bit of a technical no-man’s land, we … Continue reading

Video: Downside Risk Increasing

By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA We discuss some troubling signs in the sector (weak internal and relative strength in the miners, potential peak coming in Gold) and why we see downside risk this spring. Click Here to Learn More about & Subscribe to our Premium Service …read more Source:: The Daily Gold The post Video: Downside Risk Increasing appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Iron ore price under pressure from Chinese mine restarts

By analyst By Frik Els The Northern China import price of 62% Fe content ore drifted lower to trade at $81.60 per dry metric tonne on Thursday according to data supplied by The Steel Index, bringing the pullback over the past two weeks to 12%. Worries about supply and stockpiles at record highs are worrying the market. According to estimates from Rio Tinto, world number two producer, 296m tonnes of additional seaborne supply have entered the market in the last three years. The Melbourne-based diversified giant forecasts supply growth to slow but a further 100m tonnes from the world’s top six producers are expected this year and next. The potential reboot in Chinese iron ore production is the main source of uncertainty It’s not only low-cost miners from Brazil and Australia that are clouding the outlook, but domestic Chinese supply which have fallen by 140m tonnes from its peak to … Continue reading