Forget about Fake News… Let’s Talk about Fake Markets

By GoldSilverWorlds The U.S. and other nations with “free market” economies got credit for defeating the communists in Russia. That is ironic, because it is now more clear than ever that western leadership actually shares the Soviet inclination for central planning, and they have been increasingly intervening in our markets since the collapse of the USSR. Our officials make economic policy as if healthy markets must be planned and coerced, much like the politburo. Some of this policy is created and run in the open; the government bailouts, Quantitative Easing, and zero interest rate policy, for example. Other programs are more secretive. Investors know the “Plunge Protection Team” exists to be the buyer in markets when all genuine buyers have left. But we can only guess as to what that crew actually does day to day. What these self-appointed market masters do in complete darkness is likely even more controversial … Continue reading

Daily Market Wrap – Thu 8 Jun, 2017

By Cory Recapping a busy day for news With the Comey testimony, ECB statement, and UK election there was a lot that could drive markets today. However we did not see any significant moves in the markets. Chris Temple joins me to discuss recap the news events and provide his thoughts on the political significance. Download audio file (2017_06_08-Market-Wrap-Chris-Temple.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Daily Market Wrap – Thu 8 Jun, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Are Gold Traders Too Complacent?

By GoldSilverWorlds While geopolitical events continue to create market anxiety, gold prices are unlikely to surge higher according to the options market. In fact, gold options volatility, reflected by the CBOE’s gold implied volatility index GVZ, is nearing a 7-year low, which was last hit, in mid-March. Current levels reflect market complacency. While it appears that gold prices are sliding sideways waiting for the next impetus to drive them higher or lower, the decline in implied volatility ahead of the French and British elections in May and June respectively reflect that gold option traders believe the status quo is the likely outcome. Just as a refresher, implied volatility is the markets estimate of how far a security will move over the course of a year on an annualized basis. Implied volatility is the key component used by option traders to determine the value of an option, based on the likelihood … Continue reading

Exclusive Insights on the Gold Market – Thu 8 Jun, 2017

By Cory The Significance of Gold Breaking Its Downtrend Line There was a major technical move by gold back on Tuesday. Gold broke its long-term downtrend line which you can see int he chart below. Dana Lyons and I discuss the significance of a long term downtrend line and what to expect now that gold has broken it. Click here to visit Dana’s website – Lyons Share Pro. Download audio file (2017_06_08-Dana-Lyons.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Exclusive Insights on the Gold Market – Thu 8 Jun, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

J.Edgar Comey’s Big Fat Nothingburger

By David Stockman This post J.Edgar Comey’s Big Fat Nothingburger appeared first on Daily Reckoning. [Ed. Note: To see exactly what this former Reagan insider has to say about Trump and the fiscal threats from politics and the debt ceiling, David Stockman is sending out a copy of his book Trumped! A Nation on the Brink of Ruin… And How to Bring It Back to any American willing to listen – before it is too late. To learn how to get your free copy CLICK HERE.] Comey’s ballyhooed testimony contained nothing not already known. It had nothing remotely about obstruction of justice and nothing that matters at all. It’s just a replay of what Comey has been leaking all along. Indeed, it’s the Nothingburger that proves Imperial Washington has become completely unhinged in its groundless RussiaGate hysteria. Washington is stumbling toward a lawless defenestration of a sitting president in the … Continue reading

Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report – Thu 8 Jun, 2017

By Cory Gold and Central Bank Policy After it’s pop early in the week gold is selling off and getting hit with another big dump of contracts. Craig Hemke and I focus on how Fed policy will impact the gold price next week after the meeting as well as how other central banks continue to play the pint money to try to spur inflation game. Click here to visit Craig’s site for more gold market focused commentary. Download audio file (2017_06_08-Craig-Hemke.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report – Thu 8 Jun, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

A New American Financial Crisis in the Making

By Steve McDonald Editor’s Note: This piece originally ran in our sister publication, Wealthy Retirement. You can go here to subscribe if you haven’t already. It’s free. I have made a concerted effort to avoid news programs since the election, so not much has flipped my switch lately. But all that changed when I read a Wall Street Journal article that posed the following question… “Should college students be required to take a personal finance course about money and investing?” Are they kidding? Just college students? If you have to ask, you missed the point! Not understanding how dire our country’s financial literacy problem is – that’s bad enough… But two academics answered the question in the article, and neither one seemed to have a clue about investing or the financial markets. That really stirred my pot. Have you ever known a teacher or professor who got wealthy because of … Continue reading

Going ‘All-In’: Silver and Gold Project Expanding in Nevada

Source: The Gold Report 06/08/2017 Shaking off delays in April, this mining and development company has money to expand, and analysts are talking about the Nevada project’s May production results. Rye Patch Gold Corp. (RPM:TSX.V; RPMGF:OTCQX) announced the sale of its “3.4% net smelter return royalty for total consideration of US$5,000,000 in cash” on June 1,and on June 6 announced a bought deal offering in Canada “for aggregate gross proceeds of $10,002,200. . .to be “used for continued expansion of the Florida Canyon, working capital and general corporate purposes.” In a June 2 announcement, Rye Patch outlined the production statistics for its Florida Canyon mine: Mining of 1.174 million tons (1.07 million tonnes) of material including 551,359 tons (501,235 tonnes) of ore delivered to the crusher; Stacking of 582,161 tons (529,237 tonnes) of ore on the new South Heap Leach pad; Pouring of 5,566 troy ounces of dore containing 3,094 … Continue reading

Will Relief Canyon Be the Next Mine in Nevada?

Source: The Gold Report 06/08/2017 Pershing Gold just released its prefeasibility study on the Relief Canyon Mine, and in this interview with The Gold Report, Pershing CEO Stephen Alfers discusses the economics of the Nevada project and his company’s plans to advance it. The Gold Report: Steve, thanks for joining us today. Pershing Gold Corp. (PGLC:NASDAQ; PGLC:TSX) has just released a prefeasibility study for Relief Canyon. Would you tell us some of the highlights? Steve Alfers: We’ve announced a major milestone for Pershing: the completion of a prefeasibility study and upgraded resource and reserve prepared by Mine Development Associates, a well-established engineering firm in Reno, Nev., a specialist in projects like ours. The prefeasibility study has been a catalyst that we’ve been working toward for some months now and is as a major development for the company. First off, Mine Development Associates is recommending that the company advance the project … Continue reading