KER Politics – Wed 1 Mar, 2017

By Big Al What does a senior writer for Time Magazine turned Political Science Professor think about President Trump’s speech” Professor Alain Sanders opines on the President’s speech of last night. Interestingly enough he said exactly what Professor Sanders said yesterday in a Daily Editorial that he should say. Download audio file (Genesis-Segment-5-March-4-Professor-Alain-Sanders-opines-on-President-Trumps-Tuesday-Speech-to-Congress-use.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post KER Politics – Wed 1 Mar, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

KER Politics – Wed 1 Mar, 2017

By Big Al Big Al and Mr. T talk politics The President is talking $54 million to the military; a wall separating the U.S. and Mexico; and, greatly improving our infrastructure. We only have one question, “where is the money going to come from?” Download audio file (KER-Politics-Thursday-use.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post KER Politics – Wed 1 Mar, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Beware the Ides of March

By Brian Maher This post Beware the Ides of March appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Trump’s speech last night sure set the river ablaze… Tax cuts, deregulation, infrastructure spending, defense spending — American Greatness on a dozen fronts — and something for everyone! The Big Board blasted 303 points skyward today… all the way past 21,000… for the first time ever. Dow 20,000, we hardly knew ye. And the dollar had its best day in six weeks. Treasuries slumped as yields on the telltale 10-year topped 2.45%. Gold slipped 3½ bucks. All hale and hearty signs of an economy building steam. But hard schooling has conditioned us to meet good news with mild alarm. Matching H.L. Mencken’s definition of a cynic, when we smell flowers… we start looking around for a coffin. Today’s the first of March, two weeks from March 15… the ides of March… Beware the ides of … Continue reading

A Potpourri of Platitudes, Pandering and Profligacy

By David Stockman This post A Potpourri of Platitudes, Pandering and Profligacy appeared first on Daily Reckoning. [Ed. Note: To see exactly what this former Reagan insider has to say about Trump and what fiscal policy must be met in government, David Stockman is sending out a copy of his book Trumped! A Nation on the Brink of Ruin… And How to Bring It Back to any American willing to listen – before it is too late. To learn how to get your free copy CLICK HERE.] I could just call the Donald’s maiden Congressional address a potpourri of platitudes and pandering — and then move along. But I can’t get over the profligacy part. Trump promised more Big Government practically everywhere — the Pentagon, infrastructure, border control, education, veterans, crime, child care, medical tax credits — with nary a word on how to pay for it. Actually, our wanna-be … Continue reading

Striking miners at BHP’s Escondida block roads, clash with police

By analyst By Cecilia Jamasmie Workers at the BHP Billiton’s (ASX, NYSE:BHP) (LON:BLT) Escondida mine in Chile, the world’s biggest copper mine, blocked several access roads Wednesday as they complete their third week of strike, triggering violent confrontations with police. The group of protesters illegally set barricades on the main roads to the mine and set tires on fire, which eventually cause police intervention, AFP reported (in Spanish). Incidents come despite a local judge ruled late Tuesday that a deferred payment from 2016 should go out to workers within 48 hours. Miners have accused BHP, which holds a 57% stake in the mine, of offering no pay increase, seeking to cut bonuses, and removing top-up payments for those who take voluntary redundancy, as well as changing shift hours. The company, in turn, has blamed miners for causing damages to equipment and installations. Last month, it decided to stop copper production … Continue reading


By David Morgan Precious Metals expert David Morgan is bullish on both silver and gold. In the short term, Morgan is more bullish on gold. But in the long term, Morgan sees silver outperforming gold three or four to one. Morgan warns of a future stock market crash. As the stock market keeps hitting all time highs, “the strong hands are selling to the weak hands.” At some point, the insiders will go short, Morgan says, and the weak hands will be left holding the bag. The bond market has peaked, Morgan says, and the Federal Reserve is “frightened.” What’s coming? He thinks the Fed has to rate interest rates. Special Riches In Resources Free Report Because there is a 100% failure rate of ALL fiat money throughout history, you will learn what to do by obtaining your Free Report. Just enter your first name, your primary email address and … Continue reading

Gold Market Commentary – Wed 1 Mar, 2017

By Cory Mining CEOs Need To Stop Lying To Shareholders Nolan Watson, Sandstorm Gold CEO has some great comments about some of the things being said by mining CEOs. The first part of the interview is focused on Sandstorm but his comments on the “lying” from CEOs is noteworthy. …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Gold Market Commentary – Wed 1 Mar, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report – Wed 1 Mar, 2017

By Cory Maybe gold investors should be hoping for rate hike in March Craig Hemke joins me today to discuss the major jump in rate hike expectations for the FOMC March meeting. At the start of the week odds of a March hike were under 50%. Now they are at 82%. It is understandable to be skeptical of a rate hike since all we have gotten is 2 in the last 2 years but it’s hard to ignore what the market is signaling. That being said gold investors might actually want a rate hike to occur since the last 2 signaled bottoms in the gold price. Download audio file (2017-03-01-Craig-Hemke.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report – Wed 1 Mar, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Kootenay Silver’s, Jim McDonald interviewed by Katusa Research at the Cambridge Investment Conference

March 1, 2017 Editors Note from Dudley Pierce Baker We have know Jim McDonald for several years and are investor in KTN and KTN.WT. This interview with Katusa Research gives a great insight as to their possible growth and expansion of silver resources. For other exciting opportunities visit my website,   Kootenay Silver Inc.   … Continue reading

Cory’s Insights – Tue 28 Feb, 2017

By Cory Some interesting market and economic facts I wanted to update something I said on the market wrap becasue the number has significantly changed. It’s scary that Fed Heads can still move markets and data by just a couple comments but it is the world we live in. What I am referring to is the updated rate hike odds for March… I stated in the market wrap that these odds stood at 54%. Well that has changed quite significantly. After headlines stated “FED’S DUDLEY: CASE FOR RATE RISE MORE COMPELLING, CNN REPORTS” and “DUDLEY SAYS FAIRLY SOON MEANS RELATIVELY NEAR FUTURE” we now stand at 70%! In all fairness Dudley is a known dove but this is a major move from around 50% at the market open to now around 70%. Just wanted to update everyone on these numbers. Now for some other data I find interesting… India – … Continue reading