Tocqueville’s John Hathaway: Stick to Your Guns—Hold on to Those Mining Shares

Do you have wealth insurance? Tocqueville Gold Fund Portfolio Manager John Hathaway has studied the past and he sees a bright future for those who have taken the precaution of protecting themselves from the downside of a general bear market by buying resource mining stocks when they are at historic low prices. In this interview with The Gold Report, Hathaway shares the names the fund is holding as ammunition for a better gold market. The Gold Report: John, you have studied the fundamentals of gold through history. What is behind the current market prices, and what will it take to move prices higher again? John Hathaway: Adversity in the financial markets is the trigger that will force the general investment world to become interested in gold again. That is a nice way of saying it will take a bear market to push investors to gold. Monetary policy has forced investors … Continue reading

Here’s What 15 Bullion Billionaires Have To Say About Gold

October 25, 2015 Learn from the following 15 bullion billionaires regarding wealthdiversification and purchasing power preservation via gold investment. The commentary above & below consists of edited excerpts from an article* by Vronsky ( The following 15 investment gurus are eminently among the wealthiest men worldwide and, although their vast wealth was not built primarily from gold investing, all use gold as the perfect store of value with a view to preserve purchasing power vis-à-vis the relentless loss of value of all fiat currencies. Here are the BULLION BILLIONAIRES WHO LIKE GOLD…and a sample of their erudite wisdom Carlos Slim Helu (world’s 2cd richest man net worth of $73 billion) Mexican Carlos Slim’s Minera Frisco agreed in 2012 to purchase several operating gold mines in Mexico from AuRico Gold Inc. for $750 million.  George Soros (net worth of $23 billion) “The U.S. dollar is very weak. Investors are moving to real assets.” “There is a … Continue reading

Cleaner Water and Stronger Aluminum Drive Clean TeQ’s Future

Australia’s Clean TeQ Holdings Limited, a long-time industry leader in environmental remediation, has recently partnered with China’s largest power generator to treat waste water with its unique continuous-ion technology. This technology also allows Clean TeQ to extract metals from minerals and industrial waste, but as Clean TeQ Chairman Sam Riggall explains in this interview with The Gold Report, the company is also on track to open the world’s first standalone scandium mine and has already inked collaboration agreements with the end users that will use this currently rare metal to make aluminum lighter and stronger. The Gold Report: Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (CLQ:ASX) was founded in 1990 as an air-purification business; a quarter-century later it’s now in the water purification and metals business. Tell us about the evolution of your company. Sam Riggall: By 2000, Clean TeQ had become Australia’s largest air-treatment company for biological odor control. The company then … Continue reading

Why Opportunistic Investor Chen Lin Is Hoping for $20/Barrel Oil

A quick drop to $20/barrel oil could be the best thing for energy companies with enough cash in the bank to take advantage of the sharp bounce predicted in the wake of such a dramatic fall. In this interview with The Energy Report, newsletter writer Chen Lin names two companies that could not only survive the oil price downturn, but also are perfectly positioned in the global market to start generating barrels of cash for investors. The Energy Report: In an interview with The Energy Report in 2013, you predicted the oil price decline that has burdened junior oil investors this year. What are you seeing now? Chen Lin: I’m seeing capitulation. I see a lot of energy companies, especially those high-cost, highly leveraged companies, going out of business. I expect that to continue. However, I also see a bright future for energy companies that can survive the downturn, as … Continue reading

Paul Harris Preaches Investor Patience in Colombia

Paul Harris, editor and publisher of Colombia Gold Letter, knows Colombia well and realizes that the country requires more investor patience than many are willing to give. Harris says that the next 12–24 months will largely determine Colombia’s long-term perception as a mining jurisdiction, but is quick to add that some current stories are already panning out. In this interview with The Gold Report, Harris discusses some companies getting the best out of Colombia and others that hope to. The Gold Report: You recently attended the Precious Metals Summit and Denver Gold Forum in Colorado. What sense did you get of investor sentiment toward Colombia at those events? Paul Harris: It was a mixed bag. The recent announcement by Continental Gold Inc. (CNL:TSX; CGOOF:OTCQX) that it had to change its environmental licensing strategy from the regional to the national level basically signaled “country risk” to a lot of investors. The … Continue reading

Doug Casey On Guns

Doug Casey on Guns By Doug Casey (Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) This interview was originally published on March 17, 2010 Editor’s Note: In yesterday’s Weekend Edition, Casey Research founder Doug Casey explained his controversial views on drugs, alcohol and guns. In today’s edition, Doug explains why it’s essential to own a gun…and tells us about the guns he personally owns. L: What would you say to our European readers or readers from other places with less tradition of firearms ownership than there is in the U.S.? Many of them think that governments keep people safe, and that individuals should not have firearms – or any weapons at all – only the police should have them. Doug: I think that’s a ridiculous attitude that flies in the face of history and the abundantly evident darker side of human nature. I think such people are both deluded and degraded. It’s … Continue reading

This Unique Oil Stock is Offering A Huge Dividend Yield

This Unique Oil Stock is Offering A Huge Dividend Yield By Justin Spittler One of Casey Research’s biggest calls this year is paying off… In early August, E.B. Tucker, editor of The Casey Report, told subscribers how to profit from the world’s oversupply of oil. If you read financial newspapers for more than a week, you’ll notice that global oil production is near record highs. Last year, global oil output reached its highest level in at least twenty-five years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). High oil prices were a big reason for the surge in production. Between 2011 and mid-2014, the price of oil hovered around $90/barrel. But oil peaked at $106 last June, and it’s been falling ever since. Today, a barrel of oil goes for about $45. Even though the price of oil has been cut in half, global oil production is still near all-time … Continue reading

U.S. Global Investors’ Frank Holmes and Ralph Aldis: Gold Companies That Create Extra Value Will Always Reward Investors

Even in the worst resource market in history, companies with good management teams can increase in value. In this interview with The Gold Report, U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes talks about whether this is the right time to get back into gold, and Portfolio Manager Ralph Aldis reports on the performance of companies in the portfolio and shares some of the names in Australia that have done so well he almost feels guilty about how easy it is to make money off them. The Gold Report: A number of thought leaders in the larger investing community have come out lately in favor of gold. How do you know it is time to move into the resource? Frank Holmes: You have to consider the source. If it is a Goldman Sachs or a J.P. Morgan, ask whether they are talking their book. Do some homework and find out if they … Continue reading

The Secrets of Junior Mining Private Equity Risk Managers

Some $2 trillion is being invested worldwide by private equity funds every year with a chunk of that destined for junior mining companies. Demand is as strong as or stronger than ever as investors see a shopping opportunity. Who is deciding where it goes and based on what criteria? At the annual Fall Mining Showcase event in Toronto, Red Cloud Mining Capital enlisted the help of three private equity panelists to answer those burning questions. Cheryl Brandon, a partner at Waterton Global Resource Management; Dan Wilton, a partner at Pacific Road Capital Management; and David Thomas, managing director of Resource Capital Funds, brought their insight. Anthony Vaccaro, publisher of The Northern Miner, moderated the spirited discussion that shed light on how private equity investments in junior mining work, the widely held fear of private equity among CEOs and a surprising level of interest in junior mining equities by private equity … Continue reading

Jim Collins Prescribes Five Micro-Cap Names to Build Portfolio Immunity

In a volatile macroeconomic world, micro-caps can offer some immunity as they move based on company news rather than front page headlines. But you have to pick your companies carefully. In this interview with Streetwise Reports’ Special Situations, Jim Collins, founding partner of The Portfolio Guru, shares the names of a handful of companies he found in his travels to the LD Micro Conference and beyond. Special Situations: You’re a big fan of micro-caps. Why is small better in a world that, according to your recent The Portfolio Guru Post newsletter, is experiencing weak global aggregate demand? Jim Collins: I think small is better because small-cap company stocks move based on factors that aren’t necessarily driven by global macroeconomics. That is particularly important in today’s volatile market. SS: Do you see the recent fall in the stock market as a temporary blip because of headline news out of China, or … Continue reading