Brian Bagnell’s Tips for Smart Oil and Gas Investing

In today’s tough price environment where most oil and gas juniors are losing money, a strong balance sheet is the key to survival, says Brian Bagnell. Access to liquidity will also help these companies hold on until prices rise again. Bagnell, a research analyst for Macquarie Capital Markets, tells The Energy Report he expects a gradual turnaround to begin late this year, and gives his tips on identifying companies that can weather the storm. The Energy Report: Brian, is there a production cost for North American oil and gas producers at which most juniors can no longer afford to operate? Brian Bagnell: When you’re losing money—and at these prices, most companies are—the balance sheet becomes the most important asset you have. We have a number of producers that have balance sheets that are looking stretched on the current strip, but there are also a number that are doing fine, either … Continue reading

U.S. Global’s Ralph Aldis on the Life-Changing Magic of an Asset Allocation Plan

You have to have a plan and stick to it. This wisdom from U.S. Global Investors Fund Manager Ralph Aldis is true for investors and mining companies. And it may be even more true when the market seems to be careening from one disaster to the next. In this interview with The Gold Report, Aldis shares seven companies he is sticking with come low gold prices or a high Purchasing Managers Index. The Gold Report: This year started with a bang as China’s machinations rocked markets all over the world and set off a gold rally. Is that sustainable? What did we learn? Ralph Aldis: China was the main driver of the volatility that started out the year. The economy is not collapsing. Growth will just be a little bit slower than expected. I also think people are losing faith that the Federal Reserve will be able to maneuver the … Continue reading

A Dangerous Moment for Social Security


A Dangerous Moment for Social Security By Justin Spittler Social Security funds are drying up…will there be any money left when you retire? Social Security is America’s largest federal program. In 2015, it paid out $870 billion to more than 59 million Americans. Most Americans see Social Security as a retirement savings program. During your working life, you pay 6.2% of every paycheck to Social Security. In return, the government sends you a check every month after you retire. However, unlike a retirement plan like a 401(k), the money you pay into Social Security doesn’t land in your own personal account. Instead, it goes into one big pot called the “Social Security Trust Fund.” The Social Security program pays retirees from this pot. As long as enough money flows into the pot, the program works, and retired people get the payments they expect. •  Last year, the Social Security Trust … Continue reading

A Huge Change, a Renaissance, and Likely a Boom


A Huge Change, a Renaissance, and Likely a Boom By Doug Casey Some years ago I came to the conclusion that it would be wise to have a permanent footprint outside the U.S. It was a wise decision from many points of view. Living in more than one country allows you to vastly broaden your range of experiences, connections, and possibilities. Frankly, living in just one country is not just limiting. It’s potentially dangerous. The question is, which of the world’s countries is “best”? There are a lot of possible answers to that question, and they change over time. When my grandparents left the Old World, there was no question that the U.S. was the best choice. I’m extremely happy they chose to move there and not act like potted plants, rooted to the soil where they were born. But things change. For decades, America has been changing…in the wrong … Continue reading

There’s Something Worse than Having a “Losing Position”


Editors Note from Dudley Pierce Baker This is a great article written by David Smith over at The Morgan Report and appearing on 321Gold. All of us can learn from this read. When finished, visit us at for alternative ideas and approaches to making money. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________     David H. Smith Posted Jan 28, 2016 There’s something worse than giving up at the bottom… There’s something worse than watching prices fall as you continue to add on the way down… It’s giving up “three feet from gold,” when if you had just stuck it out a bit longer, things might have turned your way. This tendency is part and parcel of human nature, and its effect is not to be underestimated. Way back in 1938, Napoleon Hill wrote about it in the classic book, Think and Grow Rich. Consider what his research uncovered. Said he: More than five hundred … Continue reading

How to Calculate the Value of Stock Warrants


January 27, 2016 Editors Note: We find this article interesting from The Motley Fool but we use a different approach to valuing stock warrants, an approach which was used by Sidney Fried and written up in “The Speculative Merits of Common Stock Warrants”. You can have a free copy by clicking here. Dudley Pierce Baker, Founder and Editor of     Understanding the intrinsic value of these specialized securities is crucial to price them properly. Motley Fool Staff (the_motley_fool) Jan 17, 2016 at 7:03PM Most stock market investors focus on ordinary common shares of a company’s stock, but there are other types of securities that can give investors different types of exposure to a company. Stock warrants offer investors a leveraged opportunity to profit if the underlying stock rises in value, but each warrant has different terms that investors have to understand to calculate its true value. Let’s take … Continue reading

Inception Mining’s Diverse Batch of Assets Offers Production Now, Growth Later

Inception Mining is producing gold at its Clavo Rico operation in Honduras and is preparing to begin contract gold mining at its U.P. & Burlington project in the mountains of Idaho. Add in resource expansion and some exploration upside in Nevada and you have a story with lots of interesting angles. Inception CFO and Director Trent D’Ambrosio shares with The Gold Report his company’s plans to boost production and expand mine life at Clavo Rico. The Gold Report: The Inception Mining Inc. (IMII:OTCQB) home page describes the company as diverse, agile and efficient. Why do you want readers to think about those specific words when they think about the company? Trent D’Ambrosio: Diversification is critical in today’s metals markets. Inception Mining currently has a producing facility in Honduras, a development-stage project in Idaho, and plans also include expansion of our existing resources and increased exploration efforts in Nevada. Those actions, … Continue reading

Which Energy Companies Are Being Added to US Global Funds in Anticipation of an Oil Rebalance?

There are still winners in the energy space, but you have to move quickly. In advance of the rebalance U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes is expecting toward the end of 2016, he and analyst Samuel Pelaez point to the sectors taking advantage of opportunities, including refiners, midstream MLPs, low-cost producers, airlines and chemical companies. In this interview with The Energy Report, they name their favorites and outline the fundamentals that will make 2016 look a lot different than the year that just ended. The Energy Report: In a recent Frank Talk, you quoted BCA Research with a prediction that oil markets will rebalance in 2016. What is that based on? Samuel Pelaez: This chart shows that the U.S. has come off its peak production quite a bit. We reached peak production in April at about 9.6 million barrels (9.6 MMbbl). We’re about 400 thousand barrels (400 Mbbl) off from … Continue reading

Rick Mills: How to Profit from the Demands of a Growing World Population

As the world prepares to house, feed and care for 9.7 billion people, Ahead of the Herd founder Rick Mills is looking for the companies that will profit from the silent tsunami of demand creeping up on resource and healthcare providers. In this interview with The Gold Report, Mills reveals the six companies he thinks are well positioned in their respective sectors to ride this population wave to profits. The Gold Report: What does the United Nations (U.N.) projection of a population tsunami of 9.7 billion (9.7B) people living on earth by 2050 mean for commodities? Rick Mills: The statistics are mind-boggling and extremely scary. According to the U.N., the world’s population reached 7.3B in the middle of 2015. That’s 1B more people sitting at the dinner table in the span of the last 12 years. Some 60% live in Asia (4.4B people); 16% live in Africa (1.2B people); 10% … Continue reading

Any 1 Of These 20 Stocks Could Be A 10-Bagger At Higher Gold & Silver Prices


January 16, 2016 By: Don Durrett   Editor’s Note: from Dudley Pierce Baker Of the list of companies below, 2 of the 20 companies have stock warrants trading. Do you know which one’s? My subscribers do and perhaps you should visit us and check out our subscriber benefits.   By: Don Durrett (The following article consists of edited ([ ]) and abbreviated (…) excerpts from the original, as posted on, to provide a fast and easy read.) …To obtain 10-bagger rewards you need one primary thing: increased free cash flow. Thus, the stocks below will require higher gold & silver prices to reach lofty returns, but of all the gold and silver mining stocks, these are perhaps the best positioned to take advantage of higher gold & silver prices. Stock Name Symbol Type Risk Share Price FD Shares FD Mkt Cap Alexco Resource Corp. AXU Silver High .34 78M … Continue reading