Three Resource Equities That Are Worth a Closer Look

Money manager Adrian Day looks at three resource companies with recent developments and examines how those developments affect the companies and whether the stocks are good buys. Nevsun Resources Ltd. (NSU.NY, 2.90) has good and not-so-good news. Bisha, its mine in Eritrea, has achieved commercial zinc production, with completion of the zinc expansion, like the original mine and the copper circuit, completed within time and under budget. This is a strong record for any mining company. The bad news, however, are metallurgical problems that have reduced the value of the ore. Nevsun hopes to solve the problem by the end of the year, and in the meantime is also mining some gold from its stockpile to partially make up for the revenue shortfall. But the uncertainty has weighed on the stock price. The company also announced continued very strong drill results from the Cukaru Peki deposit in Serbia, recently acquired … Continue reading

It’s Rally Time for Gold and Silver Equities

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses the Deutsche Bank gold bullion settlement and the uptick in gold and silver miners. One of the more striking developments in the bizarro world of gold and silver trading has to be yesterday’s settlement between Deutsche Bank and a class-action group that alleged that the bullion banks (DB, Scotia and HSBC) were manipulating the physical and Comex silver futures market since 2007; what is laughable and disgusting is the size of the settlement—$38 million. It’s like Lee Harvey Oswald being charged with “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” and winding up with a misdemeanor. Then again, it is really no different than Libor-rigging or the sub-prime mortgage fraud or more recently the Wells Fargo scam. At the end of the day, if you had told me back in 1977 when I got first got hired by a old, venerable Bay Street investment firm (McLeod Young … Continue reading

American? Here’s How to Play the Upside of the Canadian Dollar


October 17, 2016         The Canadian dollar/U.S. dollar exchange rate has traded within a broad range for over 60 years [and at this juncture] would appear to have a lot more upside than downside potential. This articles illustrates that point of view with charts and puts forth suggestions on how to play the coming upside.  The comments above and below are excerpts from an article by Geoffrey Caveney ( which may have been enhanced – edited Short Term View The Canadian dollar/U.S. dollar exchange rate has traded in a very tight range for many months now remaining in a tight 0.75-0.78 range…and it hasn’t made a really big move since the rally from January to April [as illustrated in the chart below]: Medium Term View A look at the CAD/USD exchange rate on a longer time frame gives us a broader perspective: …Note in particular the capitulation selloff in January and the sharp rally … Continue reading

Seven Precious Metal Companies to Create Value for the Long Term

Tocqueville Asset Management invests in precious metals companies for the long term, looking for names that are innovative and creative in identifying properties and adding value to those properties, says Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst Doug Groh. Geopolitical and financial concerns, as well as market fundamentals, favor gold over the longer term, he believes. In this interview with The Gold Report, Groh provides his analysis of the macro environment for precious metals and profiles seven companies with quality assets that he expects to create value. The Gold Report: Doug, after the long run-up in the precious metals market for most of the year, October started off turbulently. What is your take on it? Doug Groh: Gold has had a nice performance through the first nine months of the year, posting a 25% year-to-date appreciation. It’s not unusual for markets to correct in the fourth quarter, and we’re seeing that … Continue reading

Production at Guanajuato and a Strong Balance Sheet Bolster Great Panther’s Q3 Numbers

Production numbers were lower than expected for Q3/16, but analysts following Great Panther Silver remain buoyed both by the company’s financial strength and silver output from its Guanajuato Mine Complex. In an Oct. 13 research report on Great Panther Silver Ltd. (GPR:TSX; GPL:NYSE.MKT), Bhakti Pavani of Euro Pacific Capital wrote, “The silver recovery at GMC [Guanajuato Mine Complex] improved and returned to the historical levels primarily due to an increase in silver grade and an improvement in metallurgical procedures.” “The company’s exploration program has successfully increased mineral resource estimate at both GMC and San Ignacio,” Pavani added, noting that San Ignacio, a “satellite mine located in GMC has consistently delivered higher grades and recoveries,” will be “the focus of development for the company in the near term.” While Great Panther reported recoveries at GMC that were mostly in line with analysts’ expectations, a decrease in production at the Topia mine, … Continue reading

Jack Chan: This Past Week in Gold and Silver

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in gold and silver markets, noting COT data is showing signs of a bottom. Our proprietary cycle indicator is down. Gold sector is on a long-term buy signal. Long-term signals can last for months and years and are more suitable for investors holding for long term. The gold sector is on a short-term sell signal as the buy signal has failed. Short-term signals can last for days and weeks, and are more suitable for traders. Speculation has reached the level of the previous bottom. Speculative longs have reached the level of the previous pullback bottom. Silver is on a long-term buy signal. SLV is on a short-term sell signal as the buy signal has failed, and short-term signals can last for days to weeks, more suitable for traders. SummaryA bull market in gold and silver has been confirmed. The cycle is down … Continue reading

How To Get A Passive Income From Gold & Silver!

Hi Fellow Investors, If you’re planning on changing your financial situation for the better any time in the next 14 months, then I suggest you watch this webinar. People are always looking for the instant fix as we like instant… They spend their time looking again and again for the fast fix. But as I’ve said plenty of times before… They do not realise that the short cut is the long road in disguise, and the long road is the shortcut in disguise… I made this mistake myself, and had to learn the hard way that the hardest thing about making money is simply hanging onto it. This cost me millions to learn, and I really would like to help you avoid having to pay to learn it too. But all I can do is point it out, you have to choose to look more carefully. If you’d like … Continue reading

Canadian Zeolite | Operations Ramp-Up at Bromley Creek Zeolite Quarry


October 12, 2016 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Zeolite Corp. (the “Company”) (TSX.V: CNZ) (OTCQB: CNZCF) (FSE: ZEON) is pleased to report that crushing and screening equipment has arrived at the Company’s Bromley Creek zeolite quarry to crush and screen approximately 10,000 tonnes of zeolite from previous blasts at the present face of the quarry for shipment to the Kamloops facility where it will be processed and sized for specific customer markets and orders. Canadian Zeolite’s CEO will meet with the Operator and their Qualified Person at the Bromley Creek quarry to lay-out a plan for an additional drill and blast. This will ensure sufficient inventoried zeolite will be available throughout the winter months to meet increasing customer demand. Ray Paquette CEO of Canadian Zeolite states “the impact of natural zeolites in environmental applications is receiving global recognition. Products based on natural zeolites are applied in environmental fields including animal feed, … Continue reading

Tiptoeing Back into the Miners

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger explains why he sees a “bottom in the cards,” and outlines a trading plan to capitalize on the turnaround. Cutting directly to the chase, the correction in the gold and silver stocks and, more importantly for us, the miners (GDXJ) is rapidly coming to a close. Without embarking on a flight of verbosity and overstatement, here in a nutshell is why I see a bottom in the cards—and possibly a solid, tradeable bottom. 1. Sentiment: In January of this year, I couldn’t even get a meeting with any fund manager or investment banker, let alone secure an order for financing. By July, I had those same people begging me for a piece of ANY gold/silver-related financing I could offer. Mining brokers went from the outhouse to the penthouse in record time, and with unprecedented velocity by the summer of 2016. Today, in October, we are … Continue reading

Globex Mining Royalty Set to Produce Major Revenue Stream

Ben Kramer-Miller, chief analyst at miningWEALTH, profiles Globex Mining Enterprises, which has a royalty on a zinc mine that has the potential to create a sizeable amount of cash flow. Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. (GMX:TSX; GLBXF:OTCPK) is a recent miningWEALTH pick. It is a self-proclaimed “mineral property bank” that holds numerous claims and projects available to be optioned by exploration companies. Exploration companies pay Globex in cash/shares, and agree to do a certain amount of work over a given period of time in exchange for the right to earn the property, minus a royalty. Over the years the company has accumulated well over 100 projects and a couple dozen royalties. Since our recommendation the stock has fallen, but the fundamentals have improved in a way that should propel shares higher: one of the aforementioned royalties is going to begin generating cash flow for Globex in the near-term. Globex owns a … Continue reading