Undersea mining’s bizarre origins – a CIA cold war plot

By analyst By Frik Els While the United Nations’ International Seabed Authority (ISA) in charge of issuing mineral exploration licences has granted 26 so far, Papua New Guinea remains the only country to have granted an operating permit for ocean floor mining. Canada’s Nautilus is on track to start operations at its Solwara gold, copper and silver project in the Bismarck sea off PNG in early 2019, making it the first undersea mine on the planet. A Russia K-129 submarine had sunk 1,500 miles north-west of Hawaii But modern-day seabed mining has a strange history. An extraordinary BBC report details how in 1974, US spies launched an operation to salvage a Soviet submarine carrying nuclear missiles under the guise of a Howard Hughes-financed seabed manganese mine. A Russia K-129 submarine had sunk 1,500 miles north-west of Hawaii and the CIA devised an elaborate plot dubbed Project Azorian to recover the … Continue reading

Mining M&A jumps to 4-year high – expect more in 2018

By analyst By Frik Els The value of global mining and metals deals hit a four-year high in 2017, according to accountancy firm EY, boosted by a jump in money raised on stock exchanges to a six-year high. Mining and metals deals totalled $51 billion last year, up 15% from 2016. Activity was dominated by coal and steel transactions. However, the volume of deals fell 6% as M&A focus in the sector started shifting from divestment to strategic acquisitions. “The focus for most of the sector in 2017 was consolidating balance sheet strength and maintaining capital discipline,” EY said in a quarterly report on the sector, published on Monday. Coal transactions surged 156 % to $8.5 billion as the world’s move to renewables prompted miners to shift away from thermal coal. With the buzz around new world critical minerals and battery technology, deals in lithium, copper and cobalt are expected … Continue reading

KER Commentary – Mon 19 Feb, 2018

By Cory Happy Presidents Day and Family Day With the markets closed today we are giving our awesome guests a day off ;)We hope you all enjoy this long week across Canada (expect for BC) and in the US. I also wanted to thank everyone again who sent in questions for Quinton and further followed up with after the interview. I love hearing from everyone and do my best to respond to you all! We will be back at it tomorrow! …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post KER Commentary – Mon 19 Feb, 2018 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Redzone Resources, the New Lithium Kid on the Block

Source: Bob Moriarty for Streetwise Reports 02/19/2018 With lithium demand projected to grow 16% annually for the next ten years, Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold profiles a junior company with a major lithium project in Arizona. Global demand for lithium is projected to expand at a 16% per year growth rate for at least the next ten years. That means consumption will double every 4.5 years. A young junior with a major project in Arizona is gearing to help fill that demand. The company is Redzone Resources Ltd. (REZ:TSX.V; REZZF:OTC). In August of 2017 Redzone entered into an option agreement to pick up a known spodumene property in Arizona. The terms were quite favorable, a cash payment of $47,500, 300,000 shares of Redzone and an NSR of 0.667 that can be bought for $1 million. It was a related party transaction completed with one of the directors of the company. … Continue reading

Moody’s bullish on base metals, US steel

By analyst By MINING.com Editor Base metals should continue to do well in 2018 along with the US steel industry, though American coal will continue to lose ground to natural gas. These are the key conclusions of Moody’s Investor Service, which released a recent report summarizing commentary from analysts at a Jan. 18 teleconference. Probably the most positive aspects of the report, with the least conditions attached, relate to base metals. According to Moody’s, the recovery in base metals that began in 2016 and gained momentum in 2017, spurred by global economic growth, is likely to continue this year, driven by China which holds sway as a major base metals importer and exporter. However Moody’s points out that Chinese growth in 2018 is expected to slip to 6.6% from 6.9% in 2017, due to a slowing of stimulus measures that propelled infrastructure and property investment last year. Still, it expects … Continue reading

New shaft will extend EU’s largest gold mine to 2035

By analyst By MINING.com Editor The biggest gold mine in the European Union is getting a new lease on life, thanks to a shaft sinking project that will increase throughput. Reporting its fourth-quarter and full-year results last Thursday, Agnico Eagle Mines (TSX,NYSE:AEM) said it will invest 160 million euros on expanding its Kittilä gold mine in Lapland, northern Finland, including the construction of a kilometre-deep mine shaft. “The expansion project is expected to increase the efficiency of the mine and decrease or maintain current operating costs while providing access to the deeper mining horizons”: Agnico Eagle Mines Lower gold grades in the mining area for 2018 and 19 has meant lower expected production from the mine in the next two years – 10,000 ounces less this year and 20,000 next year. As a result the Toronto-based company approved a plan in 2017 to increase throughput 25% from 1.6 million tonnes … Continue reading

2017 gold deposits boasting the highest grade drill intersects

By analyst By Vladimir Basov Story developed using data from Mining Intelligence. Learn more and schedule a demo. Drill results are important indicators not only for mining and exploration companies, but nearly all stakeholders involved, including existing shareholders and potential investors. While high-grade drill intersects are generally exciting and promising news, a conservative and very rigorous approach is recommended when a non-technical person is trying to understand the results of a drilling campaign. It is not uncommon to see a press release where a company proudly claims that a “significant” interval has been recently intersected and that contains, for example, a 5,000 g/t gold grade. Such news can rapidly increase a company’s stock price, but is grade alone the crucial factor in a drill results’ interpretation? Actually, these super-high anomalous grades are often associated with very narrow drill intervals, which may be caused by a nugget effect. These high grades … Continue reading

Forward Guidance: Alexander Green on Why You Should Own Preferred Shares

By Samuel Taube Transcript: Samuel Taube: Joining us by phone is Alexander Green, the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club. And today, we’re talking about the unique assets known as preferred shares. Alex, thanks for joining us again. Alexander Green: Thanks for having me, Sam. ST: From what I understand, preferred shares aren’t exactly like a regular stock. They’re not exactly like a bond. What are they? AG: Technically, they’re called hybrid securities. That means they have qualities of both stocks and bonds. For instance, they don’t have voting rights like a stock, but yet you do have an actual equity stake in the company. And dividends are prioritized to be paid to preferred shareholders before common shareholders. That’s how it gets the “preferred” label. Also, in the unlikely event of a corporate liquidation, preferred shareholders stand in line ahead of holders of common stock. So they have qualities … Continue reading

Silver is ‘Off the Radar’ But Shouldn’t Be

Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports 02/18/2018 Silver has zero appeal for momentum traders now, but technical analyst Clive Maund believes that is going to change. Silver is completely “off the radar” for most investors right now, which is just the way we like it when we are buying, however, as we will see, there are good reasons to believe that this will not be the case for much longer. On its latest 8-year chart we can see why silver has zero appeal for momentum traders now—it ain’t goin’ nowhere, or so it would seem, if you project past performance into the future, but as we have repeatedly observed in recent months, it is marking out a giant Head-and-Shoulders bottom, which is quite heavily disguised compared to the concurrent flat topped H&S bottom forming in gold, because it is downsloping. A key bullish point to observe on this chart is … Continue reading

Is a New Gold Bull Market on the Horizon?

By analyst Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports 02/18/2018 A read of the gold charts is indicating that a breakout and new bull market are simply a matter of time, says technical analyst Clive Maund. Gold continues to prepare to break out of its giant Head-and-Shoulders bottom pattern. As we can see on its 8-year chart below, this base pattern has been developing for getting on for five years now, so it has major implications. Upside volume has been building for a long time, driving volume indicators higher, a sign that a breakout and new bull market are simply a matter of time, and not much at that now. There has been much grumbling and muttering within the gold community about how “The Cartel” and the Comex etc are holding the gold price in restraint by means of naked short selling, and hitting the market with supply when trading is … Continue reading