Gold Has A Monster Rally and Closes Up For the Week


November 7, 2014    5:10PM, CST

Dudley Pierce Baker

What an incredible week for gold and that is an understatement.

With gold crashing earlier in the week and trading in the low $1130s, today, Friday November 7th gold rallied and the rally continued into after hours trading and closed at $1178.50 up a whopping $37.20 for the day and up $7.80 for the week.

Gold needed this move in an attempt to minimize the technical damage which has many calling for the end of the long term bull market in gold.

Of course the jury is still out but today was a significant move and may get the bull back on track, only time will tell.

Below, we show you the closing charts for the day and week using, but remember gold surged after the cutoff in the charts.

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