Mining Analyst Joins Our Team

Dudley Baker & Ed Skoda at mining conference in Durango, Mexico. (August 2012)

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends and neighbors.

 Our subscribers and followers here at Precious Metals Warrants know that we have continued through the years to create new features and services to add more value for our subscribers.

We are now taking our service to a new level with the addition to our team of a Mining Analyst, Ed Skoda.

I want you to read Ed’s bio, but first I want you to know our immediate plans.

We will be starting with Dudley’s Top 25 Holdings listed in my “Look Over My Shoulder” which is my personal portfolio. On Tuesday evening we will upload our first report on the most recent company added to Dudley’s Portfolio, an extremely interesting silver exploration company operating in Mexico.

In this one page report we will provide subscribers with the BASIC COMPANY INFORMATION  and a MANAGEMENT and GEOLOGICAL OVERVIEW by Ed Skoda.

Over the coming days and weeks we will be expanding our reports to include other companies so be patient as we will proceed according to Ed’s schedule and we will, as fast as possible, have reports on all of Dudley’s Top 25 Holdings.

We will not stop there —-

We will be seeking out new opportunities like the new silver company which Ed recently brought to my attention based on his knowledge of their great drill results.

Also, Ed and I will soon be conducting site visits to properties which we deem interesting or necessary to get a handle on the company’s properties and to meet with management.

Many of the companies in my personal portfolio have mining properties in Mexico making site visits an easier task for Ed and I as we both are full time residents in the Chapala-Ajijic area, outside of Guadalajara. Many of my holdings are virtually in our backyard and within a few hours drive for us.

As well, Ed and I will be attending numerous mining conferences and the next one for us is October 23 – October 26 in Hermosillo, Mexico. Then on November 16-17, I will be in San Francisco for the Hard Assets Conference and a workshop the first morning at 7:00 AM. Literally, we will be the “boots on the ground,” staying on top of our current positions and seeking out new opportunities.

In summary, if you are a current subscriber, we trust you are excited about this news. If you have held off previously joining our services due to the lack of my (Dudley’s) mining background, now you have no excuse.

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